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Planning Your Trip

Rules and Regulations

With Warrington and Mantricia lakes bordering Ontario and Manitoba, anglers are required to have both fishing licenses – Manitoba regulations apply and only Manitoba limits can be taken. While fishing Hornell, Little Hornell and Keygo Lakes, only a Ontario license is required. Ontario regulations and limits apply for these lakes.


Warrington and Mantricia lakes are high management trophy lakes. the limits are: four walleye up to 22 inches long, and four northern pike up to 30 inches long.

In high management waters all walleye over 22 inches and northern pike over 30 inches must be released.

Regulations do NOT permit the use of live minnows or smelt. Frozen or preserved bait fish may be used. Leeches and night crawlers (dew worms) may be used. Barbed hooks are NOT allowed on Warrington and Mantricia Lakes, nor are necessary. This does not apply to all the lures you may have with you – only the lures you use. You can file off or simply crimp down the barbs with pliers.

NO open fires are allowed in Manitoba during fire season – April 1 to November 15

Manitoba fishing licences can be purchased at our air base the morning you fly out (Cash only)

Download Manitoba fishing regulations here


Ontario fishing licences are available to purchase online or at many sport stores and gas stations.


Buy Ontario fishing licence online here

Download Ontario fishing regulations here

Items to pack

Your personal requirements include: 

  • Personal Gear

  • Sufficient food and drink for your visit

  • Dish soap

  • Paper towel and toilet paper

  • Towels

  • Sleeping bag and pillow case

  • Cooler for transporting perishable items and frozen fish home

Recommended fishing gear for walleye:

  • Ultralight or light action rod and spinning reel

  • 4-8 lb test line

  • various color jigs 3/8 to 1/2oz

  • Twister tails (yellow and white)

  • Mepps #5 spinners

Recommended fishing gear for northern pike:

  • Medium to medium-heavy action rod with bait casting reel

  • 20lb test line with steel leaders

  • Red and white daredevils

  • Johnson weedless spoons

  • Yellow and Red 5 of diamonds spoons

  • Large Rapala lures and jerkbaits


Arrivals and Departures

To help avoid delays, please be at our airbase early.

Depart Red Lake approximatly 5:00am to 7:00am (depending on sunrise)

5 Day Trips - Sunday a.m. to Friday a.m.

Weekly Trips - Sunday a.m. to Sunday a.m.

CARAVANS at dock_edited.jpg


4 People Caravan, 310lbs (per passenger with baggage)

6 People Caravan, 300lbs (per passenger with baggage)

8 People Otter, 300lbs (per passenger with baggage)

*Due to high flying costs, overweight charges must be applied

BAGGAGE INCLUDES: Clothing, gear, tackle, food, beer, soft drinks, etc – anything a party will be bringing with them.


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