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Amenities include

  • Hot and cold running water

  • Shower

  • Propane range, fridge and freezer

  • Barbecue and fish fryer

  • Solar lights and inverter for charging electronics

  • Satellite phone 

  • 14 foot Alumarine boats with seats and cushions 

  • Yamaha outboard motors 

  • Fish cleaning facilities and freezer

The Hornell Lake outpost is located 145 miles north of Red Lake, situated on a beautiful island in the center of the lake.  This 8 mile long lake offers a unique private and incredibly beautiful area to enjoy outstanding fishing, hunting and scenery.  Connected by a river, Little Hornell is an added 3 miles of unspoiled fishing waters.  You may also enjoy fishing Keygo Lake which is a short 1/4 mile portage to the east of Little Hornell.  Keygo Lake offers 8 miles of exceptional Walleye and Northern Pike fishing.

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