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Trophy Fishing

These are the lakes your grandfather told you stories about. Take a step back in time and fish one of our high management trophy lakes. This is fly in fishing at its finest. Groups have reported endless large walleye and hundreds of trophy size northern pike.

There are not many lakes that can compare to the sheer numbers and size of fish that our three lakes produce. With limited numbers of customers each year and responsible harvest of legal fish, we ensure that this excellent fishery will be sustained for many years to come.

Participate in the Manitoba Master Angler Awards

Manitoba's Master Angler program - the oldest master angler program in North America - honors anglers who catch trophy fish in the province with certificates of achievement and a variety of eligible badges. Manitoba master anglers also earn a permanent place in the record book.

For more information take a look here

Your catch must be over 28 inches for Walleye and 41 inches for Northern Pike to qualify. Fish exceeding these lengths are caught numerous times each season. Before you head out on your trip take a look at the submission rules for the contest. 

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